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on in our program. still ahead on "starting point," the owner of a gun range that james holmes trialed tried to access to, why he had a strange feeling about the gunman. and what would cause a person to do something so evil and so atrocious? i'll speak with a clinical psychologist about any possible warning signs. you're watching "starting point." we're back in just a moment. >> it's not surprising to me, his first thought would be her. that's what a man does. he protects his loved ones. i'm very proud of him. we're going to miss him. t about? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. its retinol formula visibly reduces wrinkles in one week. why wait if you don't have to. neutrogena®. the lines, the cost, the hassle. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] why not try coffee-mate? with over 25 delicious flavors for a fraction of the cost of the coffee house. add your flavor, with coffee-mate, from nestle. add your flavor, according to ford, the works fuel saver package could literally pay for itself. jim twitchel is this true? yes it's true. how is this possible? proper tire inflation, by
that he comes to them as a father and a husband. authorities say the suspected gunman, james holmes, is not cooperating. a memorial across the street from the theater is now growing. tonight, hundreds turned out for a vigil to the 12 who died and 58 who were injured. teresa garcia begins our coverage from aurora. ♪ you are the strength of my life ♪ >> reporter: the community of aurora, colorado, came together sunday for a vigil, remembering the victims of friday's shooting massacre. >> our city will be stronger and greater because of our adversity. >> reporter: president obama met privately with grieving families. he spoke to the media afterwards. >> it was an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful their brother or their son or daughter was. >> reporter: sunday's service at colorado community church focused on the massacre, including prayers for the suspected shooter, 24-year-old james holmes. >> james holmes has a mother and a father, and they are carrying a very big burden. so we forgive him, too. >> reporter: just across the street from the crime scene, mourners w
to the shooter. james holmes refusing to cooperate, using evidence bags as hand puppets. what was fueling his bizarre actions in the courtroom. >>> family fight. police called overnight to the jackson home. this photo showing janet jermaine jackson arguing. new details to where the king of pop's mom has really been all the time. >>> and -- the boss' shocking secrets revealed. bruce springsteen opening up. >>> and the whole gang and breaking as we come on the air, that major increase in security at the olympics. the military force is now going to top 18,000 overall. minimum wage guards who weren't adequately trained and the government is not taking any chances now, just three days before the opening ceremonies. >> that's right, opening ceremonies on friday. >>> also ahead, the latest on the punishment for penn state, slapped with major penalties in the wake of that abuse scandal. so much emotional reaction from all sides. and a lot of debate of whether this punishment was too harsh on the school and the students there now. >>> also this morning, we're going to welcome will ferrell, can't wait
holmes orchestrated her split from tom cruise. >>> nash finds a home in hollywood, a wild day in nhl free agency, and you think you ate a lot of hot dogs yesterday? think again. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. a house report obtained by the "associated press" finds that countrywide financial got around the law and influenced members of congress. six current and former members of the house and senate who received discounted loans include both democrats and republicans. >>> in new york a 30-foot yacht capsized off the coast of long isla island. bodies of three children were recovered. 23 others were pulled to safety. police are investigating whether high waves and heavy boat traffic played a factor. >>> palestinian officials have agreed to exhume the body of former president yasser arafat because of suspicions that he was poisoned. a radioactive agent was found on arafat's clothing following his death in november 2004. >>> scientists at the large hadron collider in switze
movie theater. now we only have sketches of james holmes the 24 kraoerld suspect becaus24-year-old suspect because the court banned cameras after the defendant objected to them. he has been charged with 116 counts of attempted murder and murder. witnesses say holmes appeared just as dazed, actually no we heard different reports on this. this script says he appeared just as dazed as he did the first time. earlier i read from our fox news producer he appeared less dazed, less of the eye wandering and so on we saw the first time around. he's been sitting at counsel table, and tkae actually heard the charges against him. the former university of colorado student had apparently been under the care of a psychiatrist, and here is a picture of that doctor, lynne fenton happens to be a member of the university of colorado's threat assessment team. they are the ones in the wake of tragedies like at virginia tech assess the threat on campus and she counselors students and specializes in schizophrenia, and she was seeing james holmes as her patient. coming up we'll have a live report from
. the suspect, james holmes, is being held in solitary confinement in a local jail. he is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. police say he planned the attack for months. they have now cleared his apartment of booby traps by safely detonating the explosives and flammable liquids left behind. some of the survivors are beginning to return to the scene of the tragedy. we are there bring you their story. >> the community of aurora is banding together. this message of hope, love and sorrow is the latest show of hope for the 12 people who died and those injured in the movie theater shooting as suspected shooter james holmes sits in jail. some of the people who lived throughout horror returned to the scene. >> i haven't been able to sleep. all of it has been going through my head. >> lisa tells me she was fortunate enough to get out of the theater not long after the shooting began. >> i was like five feet away from him. he had a gas mask on and a bulletproof vest and gunshots on him and one on his waste and he took the one in his hand and it started going off. >> her step dad used t
and hearing the alleged movie theater killer, james holmes. >> hello, i'm james. >>> and new details about the lethal, elaborate trap that he set in his apartment. trip wires, i.e.d. aerial shells. now, police, trying to answer the big question -- why did he do it? >>> the loss. we now have the names, the pictures and the stories of the 12 people who died in that theater, including a 6-year-old girl and three men who sacrificed themselves for their girlfriends. >>> still alive. police now say those two missing cousins in iowa were kidnapped but they believe they're still alive, new hope this morning as they expand the search to other states. what are the new clues they have? >>> and missing? has michael jackson's mother vanished? paris jackson calling for help that she hadn't seen her grandmother for more than a week. so, where is katherine jackson? >>> hey, good morning. on this day that we'll see the president of the united states making a trip to aurora, colorado, to visit with the victims of the movie theater massacre. >>> also this morning, this abc news exclusive. videotape of the su
in aurora, colorado. right now it stands at 12 killed, 58 injured. the suspect, james holmes, is being held in solitary confinement in a local jail. he is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. police say he planned the attack for months. they now safely got in his apartment. we have a reporter in aurora bringing us their story. >> the community of aurora is banding together. this message ever messages of hope, love and sorrow is the latest show of hope for the 12 people who died and those injured in the movie theater shooting as suspected shooter james holmes sits in jail. some of the people who lived throughout horror returned to the scene. >> i haven't been able to sleep. all of it has been going through my head. >> lisa tells me she was fortunate enough to get out of the theater not long after the theater began. >> he had a mask on and a bulletproof vest and a gun belt on him and one on his waste and took the one in his hand and started going off. >> her step dad used to live in cupertino so she had family in the area. they know century 16 is where she usually goes for bi
family members and old friends of james holmes. he was a gifted kid, a student at the university of colorado, a phz. contradict that with this story that we have for you, it was the mere sound of his voice that led a gun club owner that we just spoke to to warn his employees about this 24-year- old. back on june 25, james holmes e- mailed an online application to a private gun club outside of denver in which he said he's not a drug user or a convicted felon. the owner called holmes three times to discuss his application. holmes never called back. our andean mccarren is in colorado. the message was very disturbing describing the voice as low, guttural, freakish even. he immediately told his staffers to not let holmes in to a july 1 orientation. >> one of my staff members called and said hey, what was the name of that person that you flagged for us? once that james holmes? i said yes. they said well, that's the name of the shooter. my main reaction was thank you, lord, for not giving him to us so we didn't have to have that problem. >> we also learned holmes purchased $300 worth of
: james -- >> reporter: james holmes won't be charged prosecutors have three days to file the charge. at least 71, one for each victim and probably more. 12 people died and several others were hospitalized in critical condition when the gunman opened fire in a crowded movie theater showing the latest batman movie the dark knight rises. in the months between this week's arraignment and the trial, holmes could face a competency evaluation. meanwhile for the first time we are seeing and hearing the suspect james holmes in exclusive video obtained by abc news. it's holmes just after his high school graduation making a presentation at science camp. >> we like to have a superpower and i might let him have more fun. >> we are -- >> reporter: we are told the suspect is not cooperating with authorities and is in sol tarry confinement. last night, the people of "rareo heard from president obama who spend more than two hours with the victims and families. i con-- >> i confessed to them words are always inadequate. >> reporter: and then from leaders of the community. >> one day, lord, we know th
. >> reporter: the suspect, james holmes, is expected to be charged with first degree murder and could face the death penalty. the first step will be his arraignment today. he does remain in solitary confinement at a detention center. police say that holm has lawyered up with a public defender and is no longer cooperating. tears, hugs, signs of sorrow. hundreds have gayer haded in our era, colorado -- have gathered in aurora, colorado to honor and pray. >> veronica mosser sullivan. john t. larimer, alexander j. boik -- jessie e. childress. jonathan t. blunk. , alex m sullivan. mikayla medek. , matthew, r., mcquinn. gordon w. cowden. >> reporter: the victims range in age from six to 51, all from different background, different walks of life but now unite in tragedy and their death has unite the community. >> we will remember you, he will honor you by celebrating life, he will honor you by i have hadding our lives a little better. >> reporter: mayor steve hogan reminding the community at the vigil of their strength and resolve. >> it is not this senseless act of violence that marks us as a co
in the county jail are saying about suspect james holmes. >>> we are live in walnut creek where many church goers here are trying to make sense of the incident in colorado. >>> a chp officer calls for help after his patrol car is hit and shots were fired. what happened and the search for suspects this morning. . >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "mornings on 2". it is sunday, july 22nd. i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >> we will go to rosemary orozco with what we can expect. you said it was a nice one, rosemary. >> that's right. we are not going to be as hot. we have signs already this morning. a deep are marine layer and numbers are down. minor drops in temps will come when the sea breeze picks up just a bit more. it will continue as we get back into the work week. we will have the numbers for you, coming up. >>> colorado authorities are refuting reports that they are looking at a second suspect. a denver tv station said they were trying to investigate a second person in the case. they said this individual is an acquaintance of james holmes and they are trying to track down a
for wjz. suspect james holmes sent a package, allegedly detailing his plans to kill. >> reporter: the university of colorado denver medical school is disputing reports that a package, allegedly sent by james holmes to a professor, sat in the school's mailroom, untouched, days ahead of last friday's shooting n. a statement, the school confirmed that it received a suspicious package. but that it arrived on monday. and that it was, quote, immediately investigated and turned over to authorities within hours of delivery. the building was evacuated while the aurora bomb squad dispatched a robot to screen the package. sources say the package contained handwritten papers that holmes addressed to one of his instructors who is also a psychiatrist. in the documents, they say holmes talked about shooting people and even included crude drawings ever a gunman and his victims. >> came here, like they have a super power. >> reporter: video shows holmes before the shooting, giving a presentation at a science camp. aurora officials are under a strict gag order, unable to share information about ho
: james holmes will be arraigned in court this morning. he is expected to be charged with first-degree murder and could face the death penalty. there is no motive. sources say inside the suspect's booby trapped apartment they found a batman mask and poster. >>> reporter: james holmes, the man suspected of shooting up a colorado movie theater is due to make his initial court appearance today. >> they will get a case filing, basic information to tell them what charges are appropriate and then the investigation will go on. >> reporter: police officials say holmes is not cooperating and some are left to wonder if he will be mentally competent to stand trial. >> they believe he is not competent to proceed he will get sent down to be evaluated at the state hospital. >> reporter: authorities say it could take months to determine a motive but one former police officer suspects holmes wanted to become a villain similar to one in the batman movies. >> i believe that he planned this for months and the fantasy was for him to take on the persona of the jocker. >> reporter: holmes allegedly c
wild-eyed and seemingly on edge, james holmes sat before a judge, first time he's been seen publicly since his arrest. >> reporter: the face of evil for so many watching, family members of some of the victims. >> he does look fairly -- seems like demonic or something like that. >> reporter: his hair dyed bright red and pink, fitting the description from reports that he told police he was the joker just after the massacre, holmes was disengaged during the hearing, looking at times like he was struggling to stay awake. formal charges in the case will come next monday. prosecutors say a decision about the death penalty is still months away and that they'll discuss the issue with survivors and families of the victims. >> that's a very long process that impacts their lives for years, and so they will want to have and we will want to get their input before we make any kind of a decision on that. >> reporter: at least the legal process has started. aurora's mayor says his shattered community must now figure out how to work through the tragedy emotionally. >> we've got to try to find a way t
of james holmes as we learn the next steps in the case against the accused mass murderer. exclusive video from inside his apartment. jenna: back to business for the presidential candidates. some wonder if governor romney is simply not playing up some of his best qualities, success, charity and faith. we're your election headquarters. we'll talk about that. >> good bargains and no sales tax, one of the best things about online shopping might be going bye-bye. jenna: there are so many good things, jon. jon: those stories plus breaking news, all "happening now." jon: a good tuesday morning to you there. there is new fallout from the first court appearance for the movie massacre suspect. i'm jon scott. jenna: nice to have you back on set. jon: thank you. jenna: great to have you out in colorado. we'll have some of your exclusive reporting for us. jon: i have some new information from out there. jenna: we're glad you're with us. i'm jenna lee. we'll look a couple headlines we have for you. this new look at the accused gunman james holmes seen here in his booking photo. this after victims, rela
in u.s. history now officially faces criminal charges. james holmes a appearing in the colorado group for the second time. this time to be formally charged for the july 20 attack the killed 12 people and injured 58 more. this video from last time around because no cameras were allowed in the courtroom today so we turn now to brandi hitt with the very latest. >> no cameras allowed in the courtroom, but we do know the hearing is underway. one is over, many legal experts believe james holmes will likely face hundreds of charges. >> filing charges this monday july 30. >> 24-year-old james holmes is formally hearing the charges against him and said a caller to a group of 10 days after the movie theater -- massacre in which 12 people were killed and 58 others with it, holmes changes -- faces charges of first-degree murder. >> if convicted of one count of first-degree murder, the punishment will be either the death penalty or life of the possibility of parole. >> the stepmother says -- ashley's stepmother will be in the court reporter she not only lost her 6-year-old stepdaughter in the shoo
time james holmes has been seen since his arrest. >> he does look fairly -- seems like demonic or something like that. >> his hair dyed bright red and pinch fitting reports he told police he was the joker after the massacre he was disengaged looking at times like he was struggling to stay awake. formal charges in the case will come next monday. prosecutors say the decision about the death penalty is months away and they'll discuss it with survivors and families of the victims. >> that's a very long process that impacts their lives for years so they will want to have and we will want to get their input before we make any decision. >> reporter: aurora's mayor says the shattered community must now figure out how to work through the tragedy emotionally. >> we've got to try to find a way to go on. if we let this guy win, then we've made a horrible mistake. >> reporter: that will be toughest for families of the deceased and 58 injured in more than 20 hospitals. her mom worries how it may affect her recovery when she learns the magnitude of the attack. >> she asked me the times whethe
: the congregation also prayed for the accused gunman 28-year-old james holmes. >> james holmes has a mother and a father and they are carrying a very big burden so we forgive them too. >> reporter: across from the crime scene, craig placed six crosses, he did the same thing after the columbine shooting. >> it's so hard to be back. i mean this is the second time. >> reporter: all around aurora people have been filling churches, turning to prayer to help make sense of the massacre. meanwhile the suspected gunman remains in solitary confinement while the investigation continues. authorities want to know how holmes got the materials used in a shooting and in his apartment. they are investigating dozensover deliveries to his home and school. >> this was a a very intelligent man who wanted to do this. >> reporter: president obama left the white house to aurora. the suspect is expected to make his first court appearance monday morning. teresa garcia. >>> president obama just touched down in colorado. we'll have the latest on that aspect of the story coming up tonight at 11:00. meanwhile holmes ap
in solitary confinement. but we are learning more about the alleged shooter. holmes tried to join a gun club, just last month. the owner says when he tried to follow up, he got a bizarre voice mail message and told employees not to let holmes in, without checking with him first. >> the voice mail was a very low base, guttural-sounding, rambling, incoherent deal that was strange, bizarre, a little freakish. >> 12 people were killed, 58 wounded in this tragedy. 25 people, this morning, still in the hospital. nine remain in critical condition. and it's hard to imagine, but things could have been even worse. the shooter's gun, a civilian version of an m-16, jammed. otherwise, he might have been able to fire even more bullets from a 100-round drum. and now we're hearing that quick-thinking police who responded to the scene could have mistaken the shooter for one of their own, but they knew something was off. >> he's dressed like a s.w.a.t. member. >> these guys were sharp enough to see that the outfit wasn't quite right and they immediately challenged him. >> thousands gathered last night for a v
of james holmes, the investigation is pressing forward. the fbi and atf and local police are looking into the apartment and they have been in contact who have called a special tip line with information about the suspect. all of that will help explain the how of the horrific story, but not yet to why. part of the james holmes mystery is coming clear. how a clean-cut middle class kid people called jimmy turned into a sullen man with a scope on an assault rifle three weeks ago. >> i shouldn't feel he should have that type of gun. >> reporter: the officials found that the apartment was booby trapped as he told them it was and they used a controlled detonation to release the trip wires that could have killed anyone entering. now fbi agents could go in and trucking away a cache of weapons that were safely detonated. dozens of people evacuated from the adjacent buildings now returning home. >> we found multiple containers with accelerants. this was designed to kill whoever entered it. >> reporter: what changed james holmes? he was a scholarship student from the university of california rive
. >> reporter: aurora police refused to comment on reports that the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, had his hair painted red and called himself the joker. police said it was dressed head to toe in body armor and wore a gas mask during the attack. jennifer seeger says the suspect pointed a gun directly at her face. >> i just jumped forward into the aisle and curled into a ball and waited for him to go up the stairs. >> reporter: holmes fired an assault rifle, a shotgun, and at least one handgun during the attack. some of those shots went through the walls into another theater. a man in a blood-soaked shirt and a child in a batman costume were among hundreds who made it out alive. corbin dates was sitting in the second row. >> i felt the caps from the bullet burn my leg. >> reporter: the university of colorado confirms holmes was dropping out of a graduate program in neuro science. police find explosives in his car and his nearby apartment. >> his apartment is booby trapped with various incendiary and chemical devices and apparent trip wires. >> reporter: survivors include a 3-month-old baby.
wants holmes treated as a terrorist, calling for the feds to get involved now. the grieving dad also choking up as he remembers the last time he spent with little veronica, a camping trip a few weeks back. >> it was the last, the last time i got to see her. e last time i was able to hold her and tell each other that we loved each other. jenna: alicia acuna is live in aurora, colorado with more for us. alicia, we have a look inside the suspect's apartment? >> reporter: we do, jenna. it was a fox news crew that was able to take this video of the interior of holmes's apartment. now they did not cross police barricades to gain access but this does give you an idea what police came upon when they eventually entered his residence. much of what was inside including explosives were destroyed but there was also quite a bit that police were able to gather for evidence purposes. it could be a year before the case against james holmes goes to trial. that according to the district attorney in the case, carol chambers. she said that after holmes's advisory hearing yesterday. the judge has placed a
're concerned but they're not saying sorry. james holmes' parents standing by their son in the wake of that movie theater massacre insisting they have no plans at this point to apologize. >> all right. this woman didn't tell her doctor the truth about her medical past and lied. the top four lies you should never tell your doctor. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. hope you're going to have a good tuesday so far. brian, are you settled down now? >> yeah, i have to show the showboating that didn't -- that almost -- that we missed in the -- at the end of the show in a half-hour. >> will you be doing it or will you be doing it with arthur over your shoulder? >> i'm going to tackle you. >> if you don't mind. >> on the one. >> if i showboat, you better tackle me. >> let's get right to your headlines this morning. new video released by the taliban offering the chilling accounts of last month's attack on a u.s. base in afghanistan that left two americans dead. >> allah! allah! >> is that real audio from them when they let that off? the hour long video shows
james holmes' apartment and we can take a look at that now. i should explain that it was taken from the outside looking inside. however, our crew did not actually go into the residence which is still not accessible. you could see a soldier of misfortune poster in his bedroom and other items. aurora police investigators have already removed countless pieces of evidence to be used in the case against james holmes and the apartment building where he lives remains evacuated and surrounding with police barricades although some folks have been allowed to briefly return to gather some personal belongings. of course, we all got our first look at 24-year-old james holmes yesterday as he made his first appearance before a judge in arapahoe county. he was advised of his rights and told there would be no bond. he sat away from the people in the courtroom including most of his defense team. he didn't say a word the entire time. next up for the man suspected of killing 12 people and injuring dozens more, the filing of formal charges is scheduled to ham on monday, july 30th. district attorney not
james holmes in a mailroom in their medical campus on monday. it was addressed to one of holmes' former professors. the package reportedly includes writings and drawings about killing people. "outfront" tonight, ed lavandera in aurora, colorado. ed, what else is the university saying about this package? >> reporter: well, it's been really hard to get people to speak on the record about these packages we've known about since monday. in fact, it caused the evacuation of some of the buildings on that campus for a short time on monday. but it was quickly determined there wasn't any explosives or hazardous materials to deal with. now we're learning what was inside those packages, perhaps much more frightening to people, that perhaps james holmes himself mailed this package to a psychology professor, according to nbc and cbs reports this evening, and saying that the packages included writings of killing people and also crude drawings of a gunman and his victims. that package sent, obviously that garnering a great deal of attention today. but there is a gag order in place that has really kind
trapped apartment of the suspect james holmes. the investigation is pressing forward on all cylinders. local police helped by teches from the fbi and atf are pouring over the physical and documentary evidence, they continue to interview known associates of the suspect and have been in contact with 80 who called the tipline. we don't yet know the why. part of the james holmes mystery is coming clear of a clean cut middle class kid everyone called jimmy changed into a sullen 24-year-old man with dyed hair who police say was seen fitting a scope through an assault rifle in a local gun shop three weeks ago. william mckie was in the store. >> i had a weird feeling he was just a guy shouldn't be buying that type of gun. he had a kind of weird aura about him, i guess. >> reporter: bomb technicians found his apartment was booby trapped as he reportedly warned it was and used a controlled detonation to defeat the trip wires and incendiary devices that could have killed anyone entering. now, fbi agents could go in, photographing and collecting evidence and trucking away a cache of explosives to
will be remembered are the good people who were impacted by this tragedy. tragedy.the suspect... james holmes... is expected to appear in court this morning. he has been assigned a public defender and authorities say he is no longer cooperating with them in their investigation. besides the boobie traps in his apartment they also found a batman poster and a mask associated with the movies. stay with us for continuing coverage as holmes heads to court today.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. one of the victims was an aspiring sportscaster who had just survived another shooting in canada. canada.jason " one of the sweetest people you ever met just a great heart all around.." around.." jessica ghawi was inside the theater with her friend when her life came to an end. the twenty-four year-old was a sports intern in denver. family members say they just cant make sense of what happened. ' "i mean it just goes to show it takes just on idiot. to really ruin 12 amazing you know potentially world changing positive forces in this world.. so i mean i think anger will come." come."
the street from the theater. >> the suspected gunman james holmes will make his first court appearance this morning. >> in a matter of hours, holmes rented by a public defender will appear before a district judge for a hearing that is expected to be brief. the 24-year-old is accused of killing a dozen people and injuring scores more during a midnight premier of the latest batman film. right now we're learning more about the suspected shooter. police say the rampage was four months in the planning with holmes collecting weapons at home and at work. we're also hearing a batman mask was found inside holmes' apartment after booby traps were cleared. recently a gun range owner says he rejected an application from holmes after hearing his voice mail greeting which he described as, quote, freakish at best, end quote. right now the suspect is in solitary confinement and he's not talking. >> the most important thing is that we put this evidence together and assist the prosecutor in holding this person accountable. we will convict him. >> police say it could take months to determine a motive and
. it will be a little longer than the first time that we had a court appearance by james holmes. tell us a little bit some of the other hearing matters that could come up. >> reporter: yes. judge william sylvester also has to make some ruling on a couple more motions. one is a motion by the defense regarding a package it said that in court documents that james holmes sent to his psychiatrist, dr. lynn fenton. the defense argued this package contained privileged information between patient and doctor and wants it turned over immediately. it accused the government leaking manufacturing to the media. 20 media organizations including fox news have a motion with the judge as well there is to unseal certain document in the case and the publics that legitimate interest knowing what action taken by a number of officials in the case. things get underway in the arapahoe court in a few minutes. back to you guys. jenna: alicia, thank you. rick: on to politics now and governor mitt romney wrapping up his high-profile three-nation tour in poland today. the republican presidential candidate is spending the last 36
holmes is refusing to cooperate ahead of his court appearance which happens this morning. right now he is in solitary confinement. alicia acuna is live outside the courthouse in centennial, colorado, where this will play out in next couple hours. how is this expected to go? >> reporter: this could all be over with in five minutes or less. this is just the beginning of the process. it is set to begin at 11:30 eastern, 9:30 local. holmes could be advised of his rights. the government has 72 hours to file formal charges from the time of the advisement and bond could be set. right now he is being represented by a public defender, however, that could change. we will have a few people in the courthouse behind me here today. we'll bring that information to you live. martha? martha: you had an opportunity to talk to one much these sheeting victims who hopes to be there when this plays out in the courtroom today, right? >> reporter: absolutely, yes i did. her name is mikhail la hicks. she and her friend laurie were actually in theater 8. this was the theater next to theater nine, the one where
. ifill: it was the first time he had been seen publicly since friday's shootings, and james holmes cut a bizarre figure. his hair dyed bright orange, his eyes dazed. it was unclear if he was on medication, but the 24-year-old staredded blankly or not at all... or nodded off. and he never spoke as the judge explained the murder charges against him. afterward district attorney carol chambers said the state is considering asking for the death penalty. but she wants to hear from the victim's family. >> it's the... if death penalty is sought, that's a very long process that impacts their lives. for years. and so they will want to have and we will want to get their input before we make any ki of a cision on that. >> ifill: holmes is accused of opening fire inside aurora century 16 theater on friday. 12 people were killed and 58 wounded. seven remain in critical condition. police say holmes opened fire with a semiautomatic rifle, but it jammed. so he used a shotgun and a pistol. a change that may have saved lives. minutes later he was arrested near his car behind the theater. the investigatio
is mr. holmes will be advised of the charges that he is being investigated for. for our knowledge, he hasn't even been charged. so it's simply an indication of what they're looking at right now. >> in colorado, they have 72 hours to officially file charges, is that right? >> yeah, they have three business days, and that time can be extended either by agreement of the parties or the court on its own can extend that time if if necessary. >> so, obviously, larry, this is just the beginning of what's going to be a very long process. here we have somebody who was seen by dozens, hundreds of witnesses, picked up at the scene in body armor, directed police, they say, to an apartment that was booby trapped. this is not a question of, was he the guy, as much as, right now, is he competent to stand trial. would that be a fair assessment? >> we have both competency and eventually sanity, and they are different standards. one can be competent and insane, one can be sane, but probably pass the competency test. we have some indications, though, that he is very mentally unstable. we heard about the
the alleged shooter, james holmes in court yesterday. mike taibbi is live in centennial, colorado, watching that for us. what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: the investigation will continue, but there are only a few elements still to be investigated. the forensic scene at theater and the suspect's apartment has been completed at this point. they're still checking how it was and by what means the suspect james holmes was able to have some 50 packages filled with all the supplies that added up to his alleged arsenal, were given to him, either at an address at the university of colorado where he'd been a grad student or at his apartment about five blocks from the campus. they're talking to officials at the university about that at this point. the two moisture decisions still being made in the case is whether the prosecution will go for the death penalty. that decision will be made within 60 days after the arraignment. and at that arraignment, the second part of the story, will the defense go for an ngi, lawyers call it a not guilty by reason of insanity, but that keeps the arra
up next, how katie holmes may have been planning for her breakup from tom cruise secretly for months. >>> and the family kicked out of a virginia country club because they were not considered a real family. you're watching "world news now." ♪ we are family ♪ we are family ♪ i got all my sisters and me ed a real family. you're watching "world news now." ♪ we are family ♪ [ female announcer ] the vertical chair-climb. it's not an olympic sport, but it takes real effort and it takes a diaper that fits their every move. pampers cruisers with 3-way fit adapt at the waist, legs, and bottom for up to 12 hours of protection and all the freedom to play like a real champion. pampers. proud supporter of babies' play. ♪ pampers. proud supporter of babies' play. switch from cascade to finish - over two million so far. with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without rinsing first. and now... you can try finish quantum for free. visit us on facebook. ♪ we are family ♪ i got all my sisters and me > >>> oh, feel like a wedding. >> well now to a story that raises
in the university of colorado mail room that appears to have been mailed by the suspected shooter, james holmes. cnn's ed lavandera is in aurora for us. ed, what do we know about this package? >> reporter: well, we're still trying to gather information on what exactly is inside that package, wolf. but as you mentioned that law enforcement official telling cnn that on monday police and fbi discovered a package that was apparent apparently sent by james holmes, the 24-year-old suspected gunman. now it's unclear obviously if this package was indeed sent by him, it was clearly sent before he was taken into custody. it arrived at some point on monday at the university mail room. we've also been told by hospital officials over the last couple of days this is something we've been monitoring for some time that there were two packages that were suspicious and were being looked into, one found in the mail room and also one that was actually delivered to a university professor. so we've been trying to nail down more information on this. and we'll continue to do so, wolf. >> what's the university of colorado sa
>>> good morning, america. tragedy in colorado. mass shooting suspect james holmes heads to court this morning. we hear him speak for the first time. >> i'm james. over the course of the summer i've been working with an illusion. it allows you to change the past. >> and the chilling evidence found inside his apartment. including a batman mask. >>> real-life heroes. friends in the line of fire. risking their lives for one another. the new stories of courage against all odds. >>> fall of a legend. the 900-pound statue of joe paterno removed from penn state. now, this morning, unprecedented sanctions against the school and the football program. >>> and jackson family mystery. michael's mom reported missing. who had her? where was she? and why is paris saying she hasn't talked to her for a week? inside the growing family feud. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome back, robin. boy, we're learning so much more now about what was behind that movie theater massacre. there is james holmes there. investigators are focused on one question. how did he go from a ph.d. candidate to masterminding
showers and storms. holmes' apartment. a poster in his bedroom showing several people shooting in various positions during a paint ball game. we see the doorknob police say he bobby trapped in an attempt to cause more destruction. a hoar refic rampage that left 12 people dead and dozens more injured. >> you have a right to remain silent. you make any statements they can be used against you. you have a right to be represented by an attorney. if you could not afford one in the statutory guidelines we will appoint one to you at no toss to yourself. the suspect with bright reddish hair he remained silent when addressed by the judge. he is being held without bail on suspicion of first degree murder and could facing a vated assault and weapons charges. her office will consider the death penalty. this is still a very active investigation she says. >>> i would say there was no such thing as a slam dunk case. it is a case where we will -- we are still looking at the enormous amount of evidence. we would never presume that it would be a slam dunk. we will work very hard on this case to prosecute it
, james eagan holmes who was read his rights in front of a colorado judge. we'll get to that in a second. first, moments ago, the family of holmes made this, the attorney of the family of holmes, made a brief statement regarding their honor student turned accused mass murderer. >> the family wants to reiterate their hearts go out to the victims and their families. the holmes family would like to maintain their privacy. so at this time, we will not be discussing james or his relationship to his family. and we would respect courtesy in that regard. >> let's bring greta van susteren in who was in the courtroom when holmes sat in front of the judge. give us a sense. we saw the bizarre facial expressions and demeanor of this guy. what information did he give you or maybe even a prosecutor with all these kind of wacky actions? >> well, first of all we don't know what the defense will be down the road but this is not aa whodunit. he left a trail of bread crumbs. he waited outside in a parking lot for the police until they arrested him and there were a million clues. the question is whether he's
, friends are calling the suspect, james holmes, a quote -- sweet, normal guy. what could have turned that phd science candidate into an alleged mass murderer? we will take a look at what holmes was doing in the days leading up to the shootings and speak to a leading clinical psychologist about that. i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and wifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. people don't li to miss out on money that should have been theirs. that's why at ally we have the raise your rate 2-year cd. you can get a one-time rate increase if our two-year rate goes up. if your bank mes you miss out, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. >> i encourage to you recognize that god didn't put us here on earth to be on the sideline. all of those people who wrote to us and told us they were praying for us... they were not on the sidelines. so if you know of somebody -- even if you don't know of somebody who lost their life or who was impacted, just simply being in that theater is trauma. reach out to those people
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